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Banana Dreams Forever

Same great flavor and half the size

We did the work for you. Perfectly cut leaves, rolled perfectly every time.

Count: Each box contains 8-5 packs (40 count).

Flavor: Smooth and creamy Banana


ORDER BANANA DREAM LOOSELEAF These mini Natural Leaf Banana Dream wraps are some of the smoothest blunts you’ll ever smoke. Every piece is perfectly cut and rolled, and the flavor is second …
Elevate your smoking experience with Mini’s Banana Dream from LooseLeaf. Shop our everyday low prices
Made from a blend of carefully selected ingredients, Loose Leaf Wraps are perfect for rolling-your-own cigars. 5 Star
Leaf Mini Wraps Flavors: Banana Dream – Every puff will bring you the luscious essence of banana to satisfy your craving for a silky smoothie. Strawberry Dream …Similar to its big brother, Loose Leaf mini Banana Dream provides ORDER BANANA DREAM LOOSELEAF the same aromatic banana flavor just in a smaller size. What it lacks in size it doesn’t
Banana Dream Looseleaf Minis are pre-rolled cannabis joints that contain the popular Banana Dream strain. These minis are meticulously crafted using high- …
YOU MUST HAVE VALID TOBACCO LICENSE IN YOUR STATE* **All CA excise Taxes paid.** **Please note: Customer.



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